Frame Alignment

Edwards Body Works FRAME ALIGNMENT

Your car has its frame for a reason. It’s there to protect you. If the frame of your car is damaged, you may be putting you and whomever you are riding with in danger. We all get used to how our car feels when we drive it, so when the alignment of our frame is off, we usually can tell something just isn’t quite right. Not only is a properly aligned frame paramount to your safety, it is also important in regard to enjoying the ride. Don’t put off getting your frame checked if you think something is wrong, it could cause larger problems that could have easily been avoided.

Another issue that you may find yourself facing is going to an auto repair shop with employees who don’t put their customers first. They show up to work and only do a mediocre job. They don’t put you or your car first, and this is why you should always do as much research as possible when it comes to choosing who will be doing your frame alignment.

Another circumstance in which you should get your frame alignment checked is when you buy your vehicle from a 3rd party source. If you find a deal on Craigslist that seems too good to be true, it just might be. However even if most aspects of the car check out, you should still go to a reputable repair specialist and get the car checked by professionals. A frame alignment left unchecked and unknown about can costs thousands. Better to get it checked out before buying from a third party, it could save you a lot of money.

    Why is Frame Alignment so important?

    Even small frame damage to your vehicle could cause huge problems for you later on. Proper air bag deployment may be compromised by damage to the frame alignment. Other problems that may occur when you are experiencing frame damage are premature tire wear, suspension problems, steering problems, like your steering rack and column, and wheel suspension problems. Frame alignment problems could be compared to a tiny crack in your windshield. It may start off small at first, but if you let the problem persist, all it will do is get bigger, except in this case you could be putting your life in serious danger if left un attended.

    If the alignment of your vehicle isn’t positioned correctly driving can become more dangerous and more expensive. Improperly aligned vehicles get lower gas mileage, wear tires out faster, and cause steering equipment and structural damage. When a car is out of alignment it makes it easier to drift or pull into another lane which can lead to accidents. Because of the tire wear, a car out of alignment can also lead to poor traction and tire blow-outs which can be disastrous. Let the alignment experts at Edwards Body Works make sure you are driving safely.